Sunday, 21 June 2009

Sugar and Spice Design Team

Drum roll please. The Sugar and Spice Design Team have been named, and I have to say, what a talented, lovely bunch they are. I don't need to harp on, just look at their Blogs. Yes I am one of that team. And yes I will be putting pics on this space this weekend.

We met for the first time last Wednesday; sorry that Nic could not be there, but her ears must have been burning.

My head was filled with new words bantered around the table. Blog speak I think is the best way to describe it. A whole new language. And all I could do is sit with a look of horror on my face thinking "what are they talking about". So I will be looking to make a phrase book....hint hint of forthcoming design.

Good luck to all the team for the year ahead.

Sprinkles of Love
Auntie Fairy x


  1. Yay! congrats :) And you will get there with all that blogging speak! See you Sat at the Banana frog and then on Sunday too :D
    Pol x

  2. Lovely to see you last week Jayne - hope we can do it again. Are you going to be at the Banana Frog thingie this weekend? If so, I'll see you there lovely.