Wednesday, 24 June 2009


I did at class with Nina at my fave shop, Sugar and Spice, about a year ago and we made a concertina card entitled "House" which sits proudly in my craft room. The girls at work then asked me to design a card that five of us could sign, for a mutual friend who was having a special birthday. It spelt the name, Sharon and apart from the S each page was designed around a tag so that we could each sign it with our own sentiment. The last page was designed as a pocket so that we could put money in it for cruise.

Well things have taken off and everyone at work has had one of the cards for special birthdays. And I do love making them.
This is Alfie's. A card for a freinds little man. The papers I used were from the Kaisercraft's Little Man range. You don't need to buy lots of embelishment for something like this. Choose a range of papers that is reversable and has two or three designs from the same range. That is your starter for ten. Look at your paper from all angles. A stripe is good because the stripes can run verticale, horizontal or on the bias. I chose a spotty ribon for the Tag and to add a border at the side of the "l" page. I also added mini buttons for the props on the planes and some letter beads that I have had for ages.

The lettering is cut from Chip Board. Sugar and Spice will sell these or cut them along with the 8" ones for you. Or why not join their Die Cutters Club and do it yourself. There are bonuses if you join. The letters are then painted with a crafters acrylic paint. But you may choose to cover the letters with a contrasting paper.
Have a go. I am sure the Sugar and Spice Team would love to see your take on this card.
Sprinkles of Love
Auntie Fairy x


  1. So sweet, you clever lady!! See you Saturday for the banana frog day :D
    Pol x

  2. You little LINKER, you !!!