Monday, 12 July 2010

Eternal Maker

I have just spent a lovely weekend away with my friend Lyn while house sitting for her brother in West Sussex. I have to mention West Sussex and I never know which county I am in and she is always telling me off.

When out exploring, we found a lovely shop namely Eternal Maker. It was a hot, hot day, and as we walked in through the door, the two ladies welcomed us and offered us a seat and a cold drink. These two ladies were so helpful. They told us how the shop was founded, the classes they run, about the Button Company and all about their products. Customer service was 110%.

Needless to say, after a few hours in the shop and a pub lunch, then back to the shop, we made a few purchases. Apart from paper crafting items, we bought off-cuts of quilting materials.

This is my card made with the Woodware set of stamps purchased and a piece of the material. I liked the fact that the off-cut of material is not square. I frayed the edges to add more texture. After colouring the little houses, I purposely cut them off-square, for me to make it more interesting. With a white gel pen, I feux stitched around the blue card to pick up the stitching on the little houses.

I added to the sentiment by drawing a squiggly line making it look more like loose thread.

Hope you like it.

Sprinkle of Love

Monday, 5 July 2010

Playing With Prima's

Yesterday I took my niece shopping and hairbands were on the list. Yep we bought one but, I was not going to pay £6 for a screwed up bit of silk pretending to be a flower, when I had prettier in my craft room. I had a number of packets of pretty Prima flowers and butterflies bought because they were beautiful and not with a project in mind. You get two large flowers in a pack for an average £5 a pack.

So, I bought a packet of five elasticated hairbands for £1 and sewed my Prima Flowers to them. Simples. Much cheaper and far prettier than the shop bought hairbands.

Have a look at these four.

Happy Birthday Marion

How many of you save a bit of this and a bit of that to use for a card or layout later. I've tons of it. The ribbon used on this card was originally wrapped around a box of soaps that a dear friend bought me.

This was my friend Marion's birthday card. Unbeknown to her, that the ribbon used was from a gift given with love and it has been re-used on a card sent with love.
This card is so so simple. The card used are from Craftwork cards, which are reasonably priced for a pack of 50.

I lightly inked the edge of the card using a dauber. I prefer daubers for inking as I can control the application better and I don't over ink. In fact, there is enough ink left on the dauber to just give a subtle edge for a few applications without re-inking. I prefer the daubers from SU as they fit my finger like a thimble and I can control its usage better.

Sprinkes of love

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Hi, Long Time no Speak

God its been a long time since I blogged. How have you all been?
Whats happened? Well I have been away on a few holiday's and had some lovely long weekends away with friends. I now don't design for Sugar and Spice. Marion has decided to go it alone.

The Hiya Crop has been formed; Fabby Claire Lyn and Myself are the Hiya Crop. Why Hiya? Well Fabby asked if we fancied a weekend away cropping. The e-mails between us always began Hi Ya, and as simple as that, we were named.
We had our first weekend away in Graystone in Kent. Fabby found us a lovely house right on the beach. We filled the cupboards with chocolate and the fridge with wine, and scrambling over boxes of craft stash that we had each brought. So organised we were not. Well thats not true, Claire was. We had made lists so that we did not double up on things. Somehow I think the lists went missing. And and we did not go to a craft shop. No, we could not believe it either. We shared everything we had.
There were lots of virgins; stuff we had bought and never used. Now set the scene; 4 tipsy ladies, giggly, and shouting out "Yes another one gone" each time we broke one in. Mmmmmm to the neighbours it must have sounded like something reeeeeeeeeally dodgy, other than four ladies playing with paper.

We recon that we should not need to buy anything for at least a year looking at everything we have. That we should just use each others stash. Its one way of using it up. So the Hiya are meeting once a month and have booked another Longer Weekend away in October.

I will be posting some cards and Christmas tags later tonight.

Sprinkles of love