Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Two Fat Ladies and Isabella

Day two of the Blaxhall trip and we have to nip home. Lyn had left her medication at home. Now ............... she said she would be OK ................... mmmmm I could tell if we didn't go I could be found dead in me bed on Friday morning ................. So we decided to nip home at 09:00. We estimated we'd be back in Blaxhall by 14:00. Wrong.
Just to bring you up to date, Isabella is Lyn's new Italian baby. Her brand spanking new Fiat 500 with 50 miles on the clock.
Things go well and we decide to have a cream tea at Tiptree and take a few pics at Flatford Mill on the way back. Lovely jublee, all jams, cream and scones diabetic and calorie free ................ well in our world anyway. Then its time to head back.
Can I say that Manningtree, Dedham, Harwich, Dovercourt, Manningtree again, look lovely as the sun is going down. At one stage, cos we were deep in conversation as to how the *x~# did we get back on the seafront again, we totally missed all the signs of the sleeping policeman and hit him at 60mph. We took off ............. Lyn apologising to Isabella. #@+* Isabella, she now has a sun roof where my head hit it during take off.
Oh yes, we go back around 20:00 .................................... six hours behind schedule, a couple of hundred miles on the Isabella's clock and one fat lady bandaged in viniger and brown paper.
Sprinkles of Love.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

The Blaxhall Garden

We're in Blaxhall; "SUFFOLK", Lyn is shouting over my right shoulder, cos I keep getting the county wrong.

The garden where we are staying has two Buddliea's and they are covered with butterflies. I feel there's a layout coming here and I can hear Martha Stewart yelling "use my butterfly punch", so I will. I can't get over how many butterflies there are in the garden. If I said there are 100 I would not be lying. They are stunning.

We are trying to find out all their names and are looking through next door's Butterfly books. We've found a Harry, a Tom and two Georges, a Miriam, a Fred and a Mabel.

Sprinkles of Love x

Sunday, 19 July 2009

So Many Birthdays This Week

I'm having a paper weekend. Yesterday we were with the lovely Nina at Sugar and Spice for the June page of the Complete Book project, then home to make a start on the family cards. Sorry Lyn but yes these are all pink. It was nice to see Sam, a fellow DT girl, stocking up for future projects.
This is Tilly's. Love the Cuttlebug for embossing, a few jeweled hearts and a bit of ribbon and glamour dust for my Great Niece.
It's Sharon and Dave's 10th Wedding Anniversary this coming weekend so a soft lavender card for them.
This card is Craftwork papers topped with a cuttlebug embossed heart and butterflies using my new Martha Stewart punch. Again a bit of glamour dust and ribbon makes a simple pretty card.

My Sister-in-Law Pam's card. Again simple, just nine scallop circles in various shades of pink, topped with a few embellishments that you have and never use.
This also looks great with every circle a different colour and squares instead of circles, blue instead of pink for a guy, or pink if he prefers....................

Last but not least Auntie Jean's birthday card.
The flower is Glimmer Mist sprayed over a negative of a chipboard flower. So don't throw away the negatives when you push out the flowers girls, because there is always a use for it at some time or other.
Sprinkles of Love
Auntie Fairy x

Friday, 10 July 2009

Happy 50th Keith

I love my friend Vicky from work. She makes me laugh. You don't need to talk when she's around, she does all the talking for you. You just sit and breath for her. Anyway, her partner is 50 this week and there is a big family bash for him. And a card. All on a West Ham theme.

This was quite simple but effective; a blue K, a claret 50 and accented with Happy birthday stamped on all four sides using the Sugar and Spice Scribble Sentiments stamps. Men don't do glamour dust......................well some might......................but this one doesn't, so I used a Sakura Clear Star pen and went over the four Happy Birthday's with it, just to give it a shimmer.

Happy Birthday Keith

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Rock Chick

I have a friend who's daughter is trying out her make-up..............rags in her hair............weird combination of clothes............ Now I think she looks great. She is a scrapbooker's dream, but her Mum just cant get her head around her daughters experiments.

Anyway this is her birthday card. I couldn't do ribbons and bows, so this is my rock chick type card. Again something for nothing, made out of scraps.

I used a baby wipe dabbed in gold ink and rubbed it over the white card and the edges of both the pink card stock and spotty paper. I found a packet of BBP "Just the Edge" strips, that I had picked up at my fave Craft Shop Sugar and Spice and chose the scroll strip from the pack. Snipped off the length needed and wiped this also with the gold ink.

I love a torn edge for effect and this time ripped into the centre of the pink card in 3 area's . I stamped a sentiment from the Sugar and Spice Sentiments clear stamps on a piece of white card that had been rubbed over with gold ink the cut it out using a scollop edge circular punch, the cut a straight line above and below the sentiment to make it an oval shape. Then I mounted it on a piece of gathered white netting.

So there you have it, I can't use the word "pretty" cos its not in Charlie's (christened Charlotte) vocabulary, but a nice little Rock Chick type card.

Sprinkles of Love
Auntie Fairy x

Friday, 3 July 2009


A little example of something for nothing. We all have the little pigment ink pads which work as water colours. So away you go. Scribble cartoon type flowers on a piece of white card stock with a fine permanent marker and colour wash. Don't try to be "perfic". The more child like the better. And don't worry about the colour going over the lines, again this adds to it.

Cut out a few flowers and use as embellishments. Frame your picture with a lacy border.

Look at children's story books for inspiration.

Go on ......................have a go.

Sprinkles of love
Auntie Fairy