Sunday, 30 August 2009

Baby's Baby's Everywhere

Where is the time going. August is such a busy month. Just when you think you have a day to yourself, up come an invitation and Saturday has been and gone. The Bank Holiday is whizzing past to. A 70 Birthday, a trip to Go Ape and a BBQ....................... I need to play with paper and glue and ribbon and stamps and glamour dust and buttons and double sided tape and ......and...........and......... oops, sorry girls, a little withdrawal hypo there.

Anyway, the family have been busy creating. Two baby girls and a baby boy. Amber and Eddy and just last Wednesday little Poppy burst into our lives. So cards where needed.
This was for Amber. I love the Cricut. Embossing is so easy with this little machine and soooooo many lovely embossing plates. Marion has the machines in Sugar and Spice at very competitive prices. Embossing makes such lovely touchy feely cards.

This is Eddy's. I tore two pieces of card stock and mounted one on top of the other leaving a rough edge that you can curl. This shows just a hint of coordinating colour from the first piece of card under the white.

Aren't these the cutes embossing plates?
Don't you just want to tickle these little toes?
I'm going to work on Poppy's card now. There will have to be a little red flower there somewhere. Ho Hum.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Happy Birthday Auntie Jayne

It's ages since I've blogged. Since coming home from Blaxhall, my rear has not been on a seat. The family BBQ at Rawreth, getting my next two projects for the Sugar and Spice DT, the opening of my niece's Studio for Glass Cutting and............................. my Birthday last Sunday.

Now, my family have a great sense of humour and this is coming out in Jamie and Laura, my nephew and niece.

They came round Sunday morning, singing Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you and each presented me with little rounded presents. "We chose them our selves" said Laura excitedly as she helped me open her gift. "He's soooooooooo cute isn't he", "yes I said with a giggle. " Jamie chose his one too". "We thought they would be lovely in your Garden".

As I place my gifts on the table and started to read my cards, Jamie pipes in "bet you never thought you'd have a Red Breast and a Fat Tit for your birthday did you?"

And that is how I am going to remember my 51st.