Monday, 10 January 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone that follows my Blog. Hopefully there are still some of you out there, despite me failing to blog for a good while.

New years resolution? To organise myself and give myself more time. This is one I have to keep as 2010 was hectic and I kind of lost focus on things.

2011 has started well. A new role at work, a weekend away with the Hiya Crop girls and the first of the multiple TT tasks completed.

My aim to to make at least one card and one layout a week to post on this blog. Please look at two new blogs I follow. Major Mole is my friend Lyn who is off to New Zealand via LA and will be posting her trip with pics. The second will be the Hiya Crop made up of friends Claire, Fabby, Lyn and myself. This is in the process of being built as we speak.

So yes, I'm back to blogging. Please leave comments on each of our blogs. Its nice to keep in touch.

Sprinkles of Love

Auntie Fairy