Friday, 10 July 2009

Happy 50th Keith

I love my friend Vicky from work. She makes me laugh. You don't need to talk when she's around, she does all the talking for you. You just sit and breath for her. Anyway, her partner is 50 this week and there is a big family bash for him. And a card. All on a West Ham theme.

This was quite simple but effective; a blue K, a claret 50 and accented with Happy birthday stamped on all four sides using the Sugar and Spice Scribble Sentiments stamps. Men don't do glamour dust......................well some might......................but this one doesn't, so I used a Sakura Clear Star pen and went over the four Happy Birthday's with it, just to give it a shimmer.

Happy Birthday Keith


  1. lovely Jayne, and im so jealous.... you got them stamps! gotta try and get me some too!

  2. Those stamps are rather delish, liking the shiny claret numbers too - great card Jayne :)

  3. LOVE the shiny number, very effective.