Sunday, 28 June 2009

A Big Thank You to Marion & Bev

Please put your hands together for Marion at Sugar & Spice and Bev of Banana Frog for a brilliant Banana Frog Day yesterday at Barleylands. Such hard work went into this and it showed. Putting a day together for 18 people and run a shop, well done. It was was extremely good value for money. Not only was the stash for the day supplied but a gift from Banana Frog as well. Thank you ladies.

Not forgetting Polly and Barb in the shop because without them Marion could not have made the tea and coffee; more importantly brought up the chocky biscuits for Lyn.
I loved it. Please lets have more.
Sprinkles of Love
Auntie Fairy


  1. Glad you enjoyed it. I must say I felt like Mrs Overall.....You'd think after all those cups of tea I'd be better at making it, but Hey Ho, it's not to be.Sorry it was so HOT!!! Maybe next time we'll do it in the winter.

  2. would love to have come, but looks like you had lots of fun and tons of you there! was gonna pop in shop yesterday for nosey, would have had to have snuck in to see the demo... or peered through the window! lol
    take care

  3. I loved it is just a shame i am soooo slow...just keep bringing up the tea and chocolate...
    at least in the winter we could keep each other warm! lol

  4. :) Glad you had a fabby time...!
    P x

  5. It was a brilliant session, and lovely to see everyone again :)

  6. Sounds like a great day, glad you all had a fab time :)