Thursday, 11 March 2010

Scrapbook Cards

Ever bought a scrapbook kit and used just a bit of the beautiful stash and put the rest away. Well I have many times.

I was asked to make a card by a Caravan Club to say goodbye to one of their members who was moving to France. They gave me a picture and the SU colours of the kit fitted perfectly. Unfortunately I did not take a picture of the finished card, but, it did inspire me to make some cards that could include a picture or two.

The kit included sentiments, but not designed for any particular event. However, that makes the cards useful for a number of things. This is my nephews Mothers Day Card for his Nan. He can write what he wants inside and she gets a keepsake that fits into a picture frame.

This card just needs the picture added to the top right. This could be a thank-you card with a picture of you holding the gift given.

This one has a space for two small pictures; one landscape and one portrait which can be tucked under the medallion.

This is designed with a pocket on the front. I made this one as birthday gift card. I put theatre tickets in the pocket.
I still have a lot of the stash left which I have shared with my friend Lyn and my Mum. Have a go and use pictures on the front of your cards.
Sprinkles of Love

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