Thursday, 10 September 2009

Little Gem Jar's

I collect little jam jar's where ever I go. I nab them of the tray before the waitress comes and clears the table. I use them for so many things. But they needed prettying up. So with a thin ribbon stuck with the strong toupee tape around the edge of the lid and buttons, beads, sequins ans small flowers, I have turned my little jars into gem pot's. I keep brads, pins, mini buttons and really anything little that you need to keep and see clearly where you have put them safely.

I used glossy accents to stick the bits and bobs on the top of the lids. I then coated the seed bead one's with a layer of glossy accents to make sure they were stuck fast.

Laura loves my pots, so I am making some for a tree present for her for Christmas. I like simple gifts.
Auntie Fairy


  1. Oh they are totally gorgeous, I love those little pots myself, I think I'm going to have to start liberating them too.

  2. i love the way you have done these and of course copy is a form of flattery soooo! now i WANT all the jars when we go out together. I will have to fight you for them.